Lama Yeshe Jamtso’s Buddhism Promotion trip in Australia

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In responding to the earnest request of disciples and devotees, His Holiness Lama Yeshe Jamtso Rinpoche flew to Australia on Mar 20th 2014 for a 10 days’ Buddhism promotion trip.

During his stay in Sydney, Rinpoche granted Refuge Vows to devotees and led them to release animals back into the wild.   By the request of disciples, the Light of Aryasiddhi Australian Animal Liberation group was established.    Rinpoche then explained the merits and benefits of animal liberation.    In the following days, Rinpoche met the chairman of Australian Chinese Buddhist Society, the abbot of Ding Hui Monastery, Master Zheng Yun.    Rinpoche highly praised and affirmed Master Zheng Yun’s contribution to the development of Buddhism in Australia, encouraging everyone to continue to promote Buddhism.    On March 23th Rinpoche held a ceremony in Ding Hui Monastery and gave some precious teachings to disciples and devotees, such as One Hundred Thousand Buddha Confession, practice of Avalokitesvara and Phowa practice.

The night after Rinpoche’s arrival in Australia, he got the vision from his luminous meditational state that the best way to bless the land is to bury precious vases, which also accumulates enormous merits for disciples. Therefore Rinpoche led disciples to the beautiful Bald Hill Lookout to bury precious vases, prayed for the benefit of all disciples and predicted this hill to be a Buddhist hill. After that Rinpoche and his followers visited downtown Sydney and Darling Harbor aquarium. Accompanied by Master Zheng Yun, they visited the Nan Tian Temple established by Master Xing Yun, Sunnataram Forest Monastery, Canberra, parliament house, and Chinese Embassy in Australia. Rinpoche had a friendly talk with the abbot of Sunnataram Forest Monastery, Phra Mana Viriyarampo. They discussed in detail the concept and development of Theravada Buddhism. In the end, Rinpoche took a picture together with Master Zheng Yun and abbot Viriyarampo, symbolizing the successful integration of three teachings of Sakyamuni Buddha!

On the morning of 27th, after meeting the last batch of devotees in Sydney, accompanied by disciples Rinpoche flew to Melbourne, the second largest city of Australia, continuing his busy Dharma trip.    During this period, Rinpoche gave Dharma teachings and granted Refuge Vows to many devotees. He led disciples to Mountain Arthur’s Seat and buried precious vases to bless for the land, and then Rinpoche sprayed nectar water in Rye Pier.  Rinpoche visited Australian Chinese Buddhist Society Mingyue Buddhist Lodge and gave  devotees the oral transmission of the Great Cloud of Blessings Prayer and Seven-Verse Prayer of Guru Rinpoche.    Welcomed and accompanied by the head of Mingyue Buddhist Lodge Mr. Li Jieming, Rinpoche visited the Chinese Buddhist temple in Melbourne Vietnam society — Hoa Nghiem Buddhist Temple, and conducted two in-depth and friendly talks with the Vietnamese Master Thien Tam regarding the promotion and spread of Buddhism.    During these meetings, Rinpoche said that other religions could also benefit the society, but only Buddhism can liberate all sentient beings from Samsara.  He emphasized the importance to dvelop Buddhism and encouraged masters and lay Buddhists who has been protecting and promoting the Buddha Dharma that no matter how difficult it is, they must keep on promoting the Dharma in Australia.    In responding to the earnest request of devotees, Rinpoche visited one devotee’s home and gave blessings.    On the evening of March 31st, after accepting a vegetarian meal offered by one disciple in Melbourne, Rinpoche flew back to Beijing from Melbourne and finished this Buddhism promotion trip.