Announcement for the 2nd Ordination Ceremony


On the 20th of July 2015 at Yarchen Vddiyana Meditation Monastery, our precious Guru Lama Yeshe Jamsto Rinpoche held the first ordination ceremony for disciples aspiring to enter monastic life. Guru personally conducted tonsure for all the participating disciples and also conferred them precepts. The ceremony was grand and reached a complete and satisfying closure for all. Auspicious signs occurred frequently in the sky during the ceremony, indicating the pleasure of the buddha and bodhisattvas. Deeply moved by this, guru proclaimed that the ordination ceremony will take place yearly.

As the buddhist saying goes, ‘While shaving off the three thousand strands of kleshas, one is able to liberate all beings beyond the roots of life and death.’ In the past, our root teacher Shakyamuni Buddha personally ordained and conducted tonsure for Mahakasyapa and other disciples. Today, while Guru Yeshe Jamtso is the collected emanation of all buddhas and bodhisattvas, to be ordained in the presence of guru is  equivalent to being ordained in the presence of the Buddha himself and has inconceivable merits.


For all fellow Buddhists who wish to be ordained by Guru (or has been ordained but yet to receive precepts), please kindly send your name, address, gender, age, contact number, QQ/WeChat (optional) information to the contacts below:


QQ/WeChat:  1798265185,or Email:

Deadline for registration: 30th June 2016


Please help spread this special announcement.


We rejoice your merits and may blessings be upon you!












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