Yamantaka Smoke Offering and Fire Puja


To bring liberation and help sentient beings repay their karmic debts, His Holiness Lama Yeshe Jamtso Rinpoche will perform Yamantaka smoke offerings and fire pujas in the first month of the Tibetan calendar.

The ritual will be very rare and unique because Rinpoche will apply the matchless power of the wrathful deity Yamantaka for the forceful removal and pacification of obscurations and transference of the consciousness of the deceased to various Buddha-fields.

This ceremony will provide us an opportunity to repay the kindness of our dearly departed ones and living relatives and friends. For the departed, the ceremony is performed to liberate them from sufferings and help them to take rebirth in higher realms. For the livings, the ceremony is performed to help them repay their karmic debts and eliminate their obstacles in the furture.

1)   Registration time: Jan 18th, 2016 to Feb 15th, 2016

2)   Contact: local Light of Aryasiddhi Animal Liberation Group

3)   Registration Format

1, for aborted children, please register parents names

2, names of the deceased

3, names of the livings