Recite Blessing Sutra on the First Day of the Chinese Lunar New Year -2-

2The Great Cloud of Blessing  x3


om ah hung hri

In the palace of power, the blazing of great bliss,

Are the embodiments of the wisdom of discernment, union of bliss and emptiness:

Each on a lotus, its nature bliss free from all attachment,

And the splendour of a great, illuminating vajra sun

Dharmakāya Amitābha and Vajradharma,

Avalokiteśvara, Lord of the World, the very manifestation of compassion,

Padma Gyalpo, all of saṃsāra and nirvāṇa beneath your control,

Powerful heruka, subjugator of all that appears and exists,

‘Secret Wisdom’ (Guhyajñāna) and Vajravarāhī,

Döpe Gyalpo, King of Desire, ecstasy supreme, source of the wisdom of great bliss,

Kurukullā, who captivates the mind of every living being without exception,

Masters and mistresses of supreme and ordinary mudrās, dancing in

bliss and emptiness,

Hosts of vajra ḍākas and ḍākinīs attract and magnetize.

Remaining always within the state of great equality of appearance and emptiness,

With the dance of your vajra body, you cause the three planes of existence to tremble;

With the sound of your laughter, your unceasing enlightened speech, you draw in the three worlds;

Rays of red light burst out to fill all of saṃsāra and nirvāṇa

And cause the vital essence of conditioned existence and ultimate peace to vibrate and be gathered in.

With your enlightened mind of great vajra passion,

You grant the supreme of all things desired the two kinds of siddhis;

And with your great vajra hooks and lassoes

You bind the world of appearance and existence in great bliss.

Dancers in the play of the limitless net of illusion,

Who fill space to overflowing, like a vast outpouring of sesame seeds,

Vast array of the Three Roots, hosts of magnetizing deities,

In devotion we pray to you: inspire us with your blessings,

Grant us attainments, ordinary and supreme, and so the siddhi

Of magnetizing, without obstruction, whatever we desire!