Lama Yeshe Jamtso Rinpoche’s Spring Festival Teaching


Wish you all go back home to have a good holiday. During the Spring Festival, I never said that you must refrain from eating meat. Instead, you should depend on your own situation. It doesn’t matter if you eat some meat that are pure in three respects, but be careful in killing animals.  Secondly, you should well communicate with your family members about what to eat at home. Some family members may not be Buddhists and they may not eat the same food as you. Do not argue with people when they have meals based on their needs. Let everyone have a good time. If they want to dance, let them dance. If they want to crack jokes, let them crack jokes. If they want to drink, let them drink. You can accompany them by drinking water and soft drinks.I’m afraid that you will go against them and argue with them, It is your fault if you do so. we are Buddhist practitioners and they are sentient beings. who should we benefit? People around us. So we should practice for bearance on them. Pure precepts, firstly, we keep our vows and precepts pure and untarnished when we are around people. Do not argue with them. Practice wisdom paramitaon them. About wisdom, you have to use it. It won’t work if we just recite the Heart Sutra Prajna Paramita and just know about it. We have to put it into practice. So everyone should have a happy and joyful time in the New Year. As buddhist practitioners, we should complete our good roots even on holidays. When we see people whose behaviors upset us, we make progress by tolerating them once, and even more progress by tolerating them twice. We help people from our heart. Restraining people from eating what they want to eat is not help. However, we should help people according to their situation and apply wisdom. In doing so, they are happy, we are happy, and the Buhhda is happy. Your holidays are complete in this way. This is what we need. During holidays, let friends and relatives do whatever they want. We can spendmoney and efford for them and we should be their servants. Guru talks about him being a servant for all sentient beings everyday. You are my disciples and you should follow and be servants for all sentient beings.

In the coming year, may everything beauspicious for you; May you enjoy good health and good luck in everything!

640Recite Blessing Sutra on the First Day of the Chinese Lunar New Year