Yeshe Jamtso Rinpoche International Ngondro Dharma Group

?喜讯?益西降措仁波切海外五加行共修群成立Yeshe Jamtso Rinpoche International Ngondro Dharma Group 益西降措仁波切关于五加行重要性的开示:“大圆满五加行是必须的。大圆满的窍诀需要五加行完成的前提下才能传,这是亚青寺传承的一个规定:传窍诀之前五加行必须要完成。没有完成的人必须要做下去完成,什么时候完成,我就可以讲大圆满的窍诀。没有完成而提前讲大圆满的窍诀,这是不行的。五加行就和打地基一样。五加行没有学完,自己次第学上去就不行,知道吗?就像没有依靠一楼、二楼的楼梯,是不可能直接爬到三楼四楼五楼、七楼八楼上的,不可能上去的,知道吗?如同造房子地基没有打好一样,会是怎样一个结果?”加行,是成办解脱的必经之路。为帮助弟子圆满修好加行,经大恩上师益西降措仁波切慈悲加持,普闻天鼓英文网站将成立海外加行共修群。此次共修,无时间限制,且无人员限制,只要想参加、想解脱的佛子,不论是否已皈依上师,都可以参加此次共修。(以菩提心为基础进入实修,四加行、六加行都统称为五加行。)【共修内容】















Facebook: 徐晋,或曹運濤


Guru Yeshe Jamtso Rinpoche on the importance of ngondro:”It is a must to practice the Dzogchen Ngondro. The pith instructions for Dzogchen practice can only be transmitted after the completion of the ngondro practices. This is a rule under the practice lineage of Yarchen Monastery: you have to complete the ngondro before receiving pith meditation instructions. Those who have not finished the ngondro must carry on. When one finished the preliminary practices, I will be able to teach you the pith instructions. Transmitting the pith instructions before finishing ngondro is not allowed. The preliminary practices are like laying the foundations for building a house. Without completing the ngondro, attempting the subsequent practices will be impossible. This is just like trying to get to the fifth/seventh or eighth floors without using the stairs that begin on the ground or second floors. It is impossible! Similarly, building a house without laying a good foundation is impossible – what will be the consequence if that happens?

The ngondro practice is a compulsory path that one must undertake in order to achieve liberation. In order to provide support for disciples who wish to complete their ngondro practice, Guru Yeshe Jamtso Rinpoche has kindly given  permission for the initiation of the International Ngondro practice group under the Sound of Heaven Drum web. There is no time limit for completion of the ngondro under this group. We welcome anyone who aspires to achieve liberation to participate in this event, regardless of whether he or she has taken refuge under Rinpoche.

Subject matter of the practice:

1. The first three ngondros (Prostrations, taking refuge and generating bodhicitta can be performed at the same time)

2. The next three ngondros (Vajrasttva practice, mandala offering and Guru yoga)

3. The Words of My Perfect Teacher

4. The Thirty-seven Practices of Bodhissatvas

5. Jetsun Milarepa’s biography

Registration time:

There is no limit. One can decide to participate in the practice at any time he/she wishes to begin.

Time period for the practice:

The participant will join the online practice group after registration.

There will be no time limit for the completion of the ngondros this time. Every participant will be encouraged to practice according to their own individual pace. For those who have not begun ngondro practice; in the midst of practice; or have already completed the ngondro once and wish to undertake a second round, are all welcome to take part in the dharma group and bask in the joy of dhrama rain. The support group formed by our Vajra brothers and sisters will be present online to guide you along the way, until the completion of your practice (in both English and Mandarin).

Registration – 

Wechat username: 


Facebook: 徐晋 or 曹運濤

We sincerely hope that all participants, under the blessings from buddhas and bodhisattvas, will complete the ngondro as soon as possible; and may Yeshe Jamtso Rinpoche’s Dzogchen teachings propagate and reach each and every corner in the world!