2017 Seven days Black Yamantaka Mass Practice Notification

Sound of Heaven Drums 

Third Black Yamantaka Mass Practic



Seven days Black Yamantaka  Mass Practice Notification

Practice dates: 9th September to 15th September


Teachings from Guru

‘The seven days Yamantaka mass practice will benefit the beings in the world, not to mention those of your own country. All of them will benefit from this practice regardless of whether they are connected to you or not. The practice is especially effective for removing obstacles and obscurations in daily life, turning away events or beings that may be harmful to oneself, and benefiting one’s family and those whom one will like to help. Mass practice will be ideal where ever there are practice centers, but practicing alone will be good as well when such conditions cannot be met. In this manner, it will be very beneficial towards oneself.

Recite the mantra as much as possible within these seven days. When doing the practice in a center, you can add on the Multiplying Mantra and the Wandu in front, and conclude the practice with the Aspirations of Samantabhadra. Keep it simple. The crucial point here is the number of mantra recited.

No matter what you do, always support the deed with the three supremes. Have strong faith and confidence in your own aspirations and wishes while carrying out the deed and ensure that you make dedications at the end. As long as you do this seven day practice well, your aspirations and wishes will eventually come to pass.’


Mass practice requirements – aspire to complete at least ten thousand mantra. 

Mass practice mantraBlack Yamantaka Mantra


Om Shuhtsu Wotsu Danana Sarwa Ksha Drung Na Ksha Ya Dumbaya Hung Hung Phat Phat Svaha