The Light of Aryasiddhi

The Light of Aryasiddhi Animal Liberation Group



The Light of Aryasiddhi Animal Liberation Group was inspired by His Holiness Lama Achuk Rinpoche of Yarchen Monastery, who was recognized as the sun and moon savior of Nyingmapa of Tibetan Buddhism. As the core disciple of Lama Achuk Rinpoche, Lama Yashe Jamtso Rinpoche personally initiated and established the Light of Aryasiddhi. Under the blessings of both His Holiness’s, the Light of Aryasiddhi rapidly grew all over the world, continuously attracting the participation of many good-hearted people. Currently this group has not only founded itself in about 250 cities across China (include Hong Kong and Taiwan) but also all over the world in USA, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Korea etc. Weekly, groups from at least a hundred cities around the world are diligently carrying out liberation activities, rescuing tens of millions of animals. Furthermore, while Guru Yeshe is conducting the dedication of merits for these liberation activities, sangha from more than 60 other monasteries such as Powa and Yarchen monasteries, Larong Gar, Samye and Jokhang monasteries, are also doing the same for the participants of Light of Aryasiddhi concurrently. This is indeed very rare and auspicious.

Guru Yeshe once gave this teaching during a pilgrimage:’Wherever you are, if there is no Light of Aryasiddhi present in that vicinity, form the group. You can always start small, with one or two people, and build it up slowly. You can choose to carry out liberation weekly, on the 15th or 30th of the month, in  any way you prefer! This is called benefiting the sentient beings, and it is true bodhicitta and compassion. Liberation is what we can accomplish and by practicing it we truly put relative bodhicitta into action – namely bodhicitta in aspiration and bodhicitta in action. We will surely attain the bodhisattva-hood by putting this into constant practice. From the perspective of preserving life , how blessed it is to be able to rescue even one life!! Not to mention the lives of multiple beings. There is infinite, immense merit in this. And even if you contribute just a dollar into any of these activities, you receive all the merits dedicated from it. I hope everyone will work hard and do well in the Light of Aryasiddhi activities. Where groups have formed, do persist in your efforts; in places where Light of Aryasiddhi has not been formed, please form a new one. It will be excellent in this way.’ 

Amongst all virtuous deeds, rescuing and liberating the lives of animals stands out as the most important and beneficial one of them all. Perseverance and constant efforts in liberation will allow us to accumulate immense mundane and supramundane merits, and add a most peaceful, auspicious atmosphere to the world. In this calamity and disaster filled world today, for the sake of your family, friends , your own future and that of the whole world, please do join and participate in the activities of Light of Aryasiddhi! If the city or country you are residing in does not have a Light of Aryasiddhi Animal Liberation Group, we welcome you to follow the footsteps of the bodhisattva and start up a new one ! In this way we will always be under the protection and blessings of all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, and be able to attain the ultimate Buddhahood by completing the accumulation of mundane and supramundane wisdom and merits!