Teaching Everyday

1. One cannot get the true happiness through seeking success from the outer world to satisfy his desire. It is only when we use Dharma to resolve the pain from within that everything gets better and all the pain can be resolved.

2.Some people appear to be Buddhists. And there might be a lot of good deeds they have done. However, the manifestation of their mind is worse than non-Buddhists’. There is no problem with the Dharma. The problem lies within Buddhists themselves.

3. Starting today, we motivate to attain Buddhahood in a lifetime. Therefore, in the process, everything we do, no matter it is at work or in life, can be turned into a practice, which turns into the cause of our liberation and accumulation of attaining Buddhahood.

4. When we set foot in a city, we should have motivation like this: to help the sentient beings of six realms to free from samsara, I set foot in this city.

5.We Buddhist practitioners should care more about people around us who have affinity, gradually introducing them to Buddhism. Don’t be too persistent if they are not willing to learn Buddhism. When you have a good personality, they will not go against it and get better bit by bit.

6.In practicing the Dharma, lay Buddhists should manage to avoid affecting your life with the Dharma as well as affecting the Dharma with your life. Take good care of your family and work well. Rise up early and stay up late. Since we have aroused the Bodhicitta, it doesn’t matter if we work hard a little.

7.Guru is not a king but a nanny for sentient beings. If he manages to help them, the nanny will succeed. Otherwise, he would fail. You should be nannies for all sentient beings as well as your guru.

8.H.H.Achuk Lama Rinpoche once said, “In this world of Five Turbidities, a good guru doesn’t guarantee the goodness of his disciples; a good disciple doesn’t guarantee the goodness of his guru. How many people were practicing the Dharma when Buddhism was flourishing in China? How many people are practicing the Dharma now? Less and less. Therefore, there are more and more disasters occurring in the world and more and more suffering from sentient beings.

9.We should go to a city, a restaurant or a market to take a look. How much killing is happening in there? Are these sentient beings poor or not? So please practice the Dharma diligently, because only in this way, you will be able to help the suffering sentient beings of the six realms.

10. We, in the course of time without beginning, have always done things for our own good, therefore, never achieved anything and yet we have suffered all alone the way. Since Sakyamuni Buddha had always helped sentient beings, he attained Buddhahood a long time ago. Before Sakyamuni Buddha attained Buddhahood, he had been in the samsara just like us. It is the motivation that has made the difference.