Teaching Everyday

11. If a Buddhist practitioner gets verbally abused by someone, he should have the following thoughts:“This is what I own him from past lives. Being scolded by him eliminates my obscurations. I should thank him. What is the big deal about being scolded? If he swears at me, I swear back, then we argue with each other. Isn’t this the entanglement of bad karma?

12.Lay Buddhists are different from monks. Monks practice the Dharma with their body, speech and mind all day lone. However,lay Buddhists should communicate well with their families about whatever things they do. If Dharma practicing breaks the family, it shows a big problem in your practice.

13.For a Buddhist practitioner, if everywhere he goes to be filled with joy and happiness, it proves him a true practitioner. If everywhere he goes to be filled with unhappiness, it shows that he is not a real practitioner.

14.The sentient beings from six realms are Buddhas. However, being in a state of delusion such as ignorance, attachment, aversion, pride and jealousy cannot see our Buddha nature. For instance, there is the sun in the sky, but we can’t see it when there are too many clouds. From now on, our practice is to realize our Buddha nature and attain Buddhahood.

15.When a pure guru with complete positive qualities gives you the empowerment from his lineage, you will be blessed by the lineage, the guru and your own faith. When these three kind of blessings are complete, you will attain the Dharma of the secret Mantrayana and in the moment, realize your body, speech and mind being the mandala of three Kayas— nirmanakaya, sambhogakaya and dharmakaya.

16. If a guru tells you that the world is delusional and everything in the world is like a night dream, you are not going to believe it for sure. But once you attain Buddhahood and wake up from the dream of the samsara, you will realize that everything in the world is like a night dream.

17. What is taking refuge? Simply put, after taking refuge, guru’s merits all become yours.

18.Every morning, we should pray to Sakyamuni Buddha, recite the fourfold refuge prayer and give rise to compassion and bodhicitta from a dreamlike perspective. Practice Yamantaka and other deities from a dreamlike perspective. Whatever you practice, start from a dreamlike perspective.

19. Do you know how painstakingly Sakyamuni Buddha has practiced the Dharma? How painstakingly Milarepa has practiced the Dharma? How painstakingly Nyakla Pema Dudul has practiced the Dharma? Is it possible for us to attain Buddhahood without any hardship? Absolutely not.

20.From Samantabhadra to H.H.Achuk Lama Rinpoche, all the gurus in the lineage are sublime beings who have attained Buddhahood. When we follow gurus like them and practice the Dharma the way they have done it, we will end up attaining Buddhahood just like them.