Teaching Everyday


21. If we don’t pay attention to little things in our practice, we will never eradicate our afflictions and gain wisdom. If we aim too high, our practice will be like a castle in the air and it will be possible for us to turn Buddha Dharma into another layer of our afflictions.

22. In our practice, we should pay attention to details and seemingly insignificant things. Once we apply the three supreme methods: start with the thought of bodhicitta, do the practice itself without any conceptualization, and dedicate the merit at the end, all of our practices will have corresponding results.

23. In our practice, we should pay attention to details. When we practice according to teachings of our lineage and without overemphasizing one thing and neglecting the other, we will gradually reduce our afflictions and gain wisdom.

24. Vajrayana Buddhist practitioner should meditate on Vajrasattva and recite the hundred syllable mantra every day. When reciting the mantra, visualization and recitation should accord to the proper practice. When you practice in your daily life, try visualizing a clear image of Vajrasattva in your mind. If you fail to visualize Vajrasattva, pray to your guru in your mind.

25. Do not practice Buddhism by blindly following your own will. If you practice this way, there will be big obscurations. Follow a guru who has complete good qualities and practice step-by-step according to the lineage. Adjust your mind and listen to your guru wholeheartedly. If you stabilize your practice in this way, you will end up attaining Buddhahood.

26. To attain the ultimate enlightenment, we need to constantly increase our karmic rewards. Differing from normal people who wish to satisfy their own desires, Buddhist practitioners should obtain karmic rewards for the sake of benefiting all sentient beings. Arising the ultimate budhicitta is the foundation of all our practice.

27.The offering of the mandala is the best way to increase our karmic rewards. From a worldly perspective, offering the mandala will make your career and luck better, make you wealthy and good looking, and benefit your offspring. It will also make your wish come true very fast. With the accumulation of merit and virtue, wealth will naturally be abundant. If we don’t have enough merit and virtue, we won’t be able to keep any wealth with us.

28.Buddhist practitioners must observe our own body mind and speech and practice according to the law of Dharma. We need to hold a mirror in our hand constantly looking at ourselves,rather than holding a telescope observing the demerit of others. No matter how much we use a magnifying glass to analyze the disadvantages of others, it will be not helpful but harmful to us.

29.When following a guru, pick a good day to come up to the guru and ask for his blessing. We should have the following wish in our mind: for not wasting the freedom and advantages of a human life, I wish to attain Buddhahood in this lifetime. I will offer my body mind and speech to the guru until I attain Buddhahood. Become the heart disciple of the guru and follow him with unchanging trust.