About following a Guru


2.pic_hdGenerally speaking, the quality of a guru determines the quality of his disciples. If a guru has bad temper, his disciples will have bad temper. If a guru is of great compassion, his disciples will be of great compassion. If a guru is arrogant, his disciples will be arrogant. Therefore, choosing the right guru is very crucial.

Before following a guru, we should examine: is the guru enlightened? How is the he doing with vows? How is his lineage? Who permitted him to teach? Once we have observed all these aspects, we will practice the Dharma with the guidance of this guru. After finding a guru with complete positive qualities, disciples must believe: guru has a pure lineage; guru has kept samayas; guru is of no difference with Samantabhadra and all guru’s words are vajra words. Having trust like all these, then following guru and practicing diligently will end up attaining Buddhahood in a lifetime.

Guru-disciple shares the same relationship with doctor-patient: a doctor always gives patients medical treatments and only when the patient fully trusts and listens to the doctor will he be recovered. Likewise, disciples should start with trusting and relying on the guru, then request empowerment from the guru and finally, through practicing, take rebirth in pure land and attain Buddhahood.

Meditation should be practiced with the guidance of a guru. It is pointless for one to practice blindly by just following sutras. When meditating and calm abiding, different states and feelings will emerge. At this moment, we must depend on our lineage and guru to attain liberation. Otherwise, we will end up zigzagging and getting a negative outcome.

The perfection of blessings from guru’s pure lineage, the perfection of blessings from guru’s attainment of Buddhahood and the perfection of blessings from your own trust. With these three perfections, keep practicing and you will succeed!