One Hundred Thousand Buddhas Confession

Nyala Pema Duddul


Secret teachings, the profound Dharma and self-liberation pervading space

A quick path to instantaneous complete enlightenment—-recitation of Buddha names to eliminate negative actions and obscurations.

For the benefit of sentient beings pervading space, I prostrate and take refuge in the oceanic assembly of Gurus who have nine lineages, four and six sections of tantra Mandala Deities, and dakinis of the Mother Tantra.

If merits of reciting once have form, the entire space will not accommodate them.)

I prostrate and take refuge in Bhagavan, Tathagata, Arhat, Samyak- Sambodhi, Father, Mother, Son, and Family of the thousand Buddhas of the Bhadra-kalpa including Vipashyin Buddha, Shikhim Buddha, Vishvabhu Buddha, Krakucchanda Buddha, Kanakamuni Buddha, kashyapa Buddha, Shakyamuni Buddha, etc.

(Reciting once, you will be inseparable with the Buddha mind. Reciting once equals recitation of eighty-four thousand Dharma-doors.)

To millions of, as many as the sandgrains of the Ganges piled up Tathagatas, I prostrate.

(Reciting once equals recitation of the Kangyur.)

To the twelve Dzogchen teachers Tathagatas I prostrate.

(Reciting once will cleanse obscurations of ten thousand kalpas, twenty thousand kalpas, thirty thousand, forty thousand, fifty thousand, sixty thousand, seventy thousand, eighty thousand, ninety thousand kalpas, and one hundred thousand kalpas, one hundred and ten thousand kalpas, one hundred and twenty thousand kalpas.)

To the Tathagata Samadhi Sun Mandala Miraculous Light I prostrate.

(Reciting once will cleanse the ignorance of sentient beings in seven kalpas.)

To the Tathagata Branch Guru, Tathagata Sunlight and Tathagata Most Sublime Dalai King I prostrate.

(Reciting once will cleanse obscurations of cutting off sentient beings’ limbs, killing living beings and eating meat.)