Lama Achuk Rinpoche confirmed that Yeshe Jamtso Rinpoche was once the venerable Yeshe Dorjey – one of the 13 supreme key disciples of the venerable master Pema Dundul (1812-1883) who was predicted by Guru Rinpoche to be the one hundred thousandth rainbow body achiever at Katok Monastery. Rinpoche was also the guru of Terton Lerab Lingpa in that life and accomplished Dorje Phurba. For this reason, Rinpoche posseses numerous terma inherited from Pema Dundul.

Rinpoche is the direct manifestation of Manjushiri Yamantaka。In this life, he is the achiever of Dzogchen, Yamantaka and Dorje Phurba, and has kept complete and pure Dharma lineage. Yeshe Jamsto Rinpoche abided to the teachings of Lama Achuk Rinpoche for about 20 years before successfully inheriting Longchen and Longsar Dzogchen lineage. During this period he practiced the preliminary Ngondro practices for more than seven times in total and worn out his knees five times while doing prostraions. The scars still remain on his knees. Therefore, Rinpoche posseses the ability to confer pure Dzogchen blessings and empowerments.  In one of his past lives, Rinpoche was Dharma King Jigme Phuntsok’s guru. When studying under HH Jigme Phuntsok at Larung Gar Serthar Buddhist Institute in this life, Rinpoche received important teachings including the Nine Principle Deities of the Magnetizing Activities (all the deity names can be found in The Great Cloud of Blessings). This teaching is rare and requires the practitioner to possess sharp faculties. Rinpoche physically perceived the emanation of the Nine Deities nine times and successfully accomplished the teaching, thus completely inherited the dharma magnetizing activities from Dharma King Jigme Phuntsok who predicted, together with the yidam deities, that Rinpoche would engage in widely propagated magnetizing activities after the age of 41.

Another teaching Rinpoche has been transmitting is called the One Hundred Thousand Buddha Confession. Hearing this teaching will liberate one from samsara. Reciting it will cleanse obscurations, help the person to be reborn in the Pure Land of Amitabha Buddha, and liberate him from samsara. Anyone can recite the teaching regardless of whether he has received the transmission or not. It will be of great help even without preliminary practice, dedication of merit or the three noble principles. This is a rare terma teaching discovered by the venerable master Pema Dundul in order to help sentient beings in this world of Five Turbidities. Pema Dundul also predicted that this teaching will first spread to Mainland China then to the whole world.

Rinpoche has never contravened any of the commitments or prohibitions related to the three types of vows -the external vows of the Pratimoksa, the inner vows of the Bodhisattva and the secret vows of the Vajrayana. He has achieved keeping his vows effortlessly. Rinpoche is able successfully receive all the four classes of disciples as he has adopted monastic life in his childhood for more than 20 years. This is also a rare merit!