Rinpoche is able to call forth his disciples’ wisdom according to their aptitudes. Besides transmitting pith instructions of Dzogchen, he inspires and enlightens disciples via the expounding of sutras, metaphors, raising questions and debating about the dharma. Rinpoche always examines his disciples’ practice and accomplishments from their past lives and gives them teachings accordingly, so as to ensure rapid progression in practice.

Within Yarchen Monastery, Rinpoche is assigned as the manager and also Tibetan doctor by Lama Achuk Rinpoche. At the same time, Rinpoche is the also abbot of Powa Monastery, Sangye Yeshe Monastery and Dakini Yeshe Tsogyal Monastery. Propagating the Dharma, oracular practices, treating patients and handling monastic affairs are all parts of daily jobs for Rinpoche who spares no efforts and never complains. As Rinpoche always says,the sole aim of his re-emanation is only to benefit all sentient beings.